Sunday, October 15, 2006

Premature Aperturation and other Neologisms and FlickrSpeak

Web 2.0 and tech pop culture is exploding so fast that neologisms are struggling to keep up...

Web Trash (Tr4sh)
All the great unwashed, untagged, un-meta'd information out there; text, audio, video, etc. that is dead even to the user; orphaned personal and corporate intranet pages and other data that is invisible to higher levels of indexing, identification, organization and use.

Repli-trash - MMIMPS
Massively multiple instances of Media Products
The duplication of audio and video media files all over the net; a movie clip uploaded to ten video sites, an audio file uploaded to ten podcast sites, etc. Free storage has led to ineffective usage - some high percentage of all content must be duplicates.

Authenticity Charlatanism
Grabbing a URL, group name, tag, or other web content category without having the traditional world authenticity to do so, e.g.; the Prosper Harvard and Wharton MBA Lending Groups are brand leeching; they have nothing to do with real Harvard and Wharton MBAs.

Validation to watch UGC (user-generated content) videos by dint of employment at a UGC video site.

Web 2.0 Darling Flickr invites a whole nomenclature cloud of FlickrSpeak unto itself:

The first photo to arrive on Flickr from an event (especially a Web 2.0 event), usually seconds after the event starts; attendees snapping away in competition for the FirstFlickr.

Premature Aperturation or Pre-Flickr
Being overzealous in trying to get a FirstFlickr such that the event has not actually started yet.

Flickr ADD: Attention Distribution Dichotomy
Conflicts in distributing one's attention between being present to a physical event and getting it recorded and uploaded to Flickr.

Over-flickring or FlickrSaturation
The additional Flickr photos that only replicate information on previous photos of the same dog, event, place, etc. after the Great Asymptote of Usefulness has been reached.