Thursday, October 19, 2006

Land Grab on Free Local Voice

Who is not stampeding to AOL to take advantage of free personal local phone numbers with always-on voicemail as part of the firm's roll out of new free services? AOL tops already land-breaking voice services from Skype (free Internet-based call-in and call-out, free conferencing of up to five parties), Google Talk (free Internet-based call-in and call-out) and Yahoo Messenger ($0.02 per minute call out to non-Internet numbers).

Desirable area code phone numbers can be had for a matter of clicks. Phone numbers could proliferate as have email accounts and mobile devices. Bye-bye Ma Bell. Now we are just waiting for ubiquitous wireless broadband networks, oh, and the physical implantation of miniaturized communication devices.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried AIM Phoneline yet? What did you think?

LaBlogga said...

Hi Saturn, thanks for the question, I have used AIM Phoneline for over 10 conversations (all US-based) and tested the always-on voicemail. The call takes a little longer to connect but the quality is outstanding, better than skype and other VoIP services.