Monday, October 30, 2006

Open-source sexuality. Compersion. Relationships 2.0

The role and function of sex and relationships has already been shifting considerably with modern life (birth control, economic empowerment of women, skyrocketing divorce rates, etc.) and could now be taking an order of magnitude shift as human life spans are increasing and technology and life accelerate.

Now that humans live 80-120 years and possibly forever, it only makes sense that relationships would evolve from the one currently acceptable model, "life-long" monogamy and the antiquated tool of political control, matrimony. What does it mean now anyway, until uploading or suspension do us part?

Physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and companionship can (and in reality do) come from many interpersonal and other sources, both physical world and digital and could be better fulfilled with greater realization of their distinctness. Polyamory, led by the tech-innovative Pacific Northwest, is an interesting alternative model, where the level of communication and personal emotional management required is exemplar. There appears to be an important self-evolution to move beyond jealousy and reap the relationship rewards of polyamory and compersion.

Higher levels of self-actualization may be possible by separating and expanding ideas of physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and companionship which have been traditionally bounded by scarcity, control and artificiality.

The future of sexuality further changes in all aspects of culture when traditional physical reproduction becomes obsolete. Sexuality could be more about authentic agency instead of bartering, obligation, power and status.


braindrain said...

Isn't polyamory more like open-target sexuality?

Curious, but not committing,

LaBlogga said...

Thanks for the comment, Kolby, I think the idea of open-source sexuality, that each person should be free to interpret and express their own version of sexuality, does allow one to "target" or interact with one or more others (of any/all genders) for varying levels and types of emotional and sexual intimacy.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Austin Old Friend ;) I was wondering how you were and ended up here. And interested to see this post. I have been reading about polyamory for near on a year now. It's an interesting world that requires the ultimate of a relationship (ultimate in my books anyway): total honesty with yourself and your loved ones. If you can pull it off, you get the fortunate benefit of being able to enjoy multiple loving relationships...just like we do with our family and friends. Makes perfect sense intellectually (to me) practice, well, I'm sure it's lots of work. And takes a courageous pair.

LaBlogga said...

Hi Victoria!! Thanks for the comment. Yes, polyamory is an advanced concept, and thinking about it suggests that the level of self-knowledge and interpersonal communication skill that is required for effective polyamorousness is a standard to which we could strive no matter the relationship context

Unknown said...

So traditional physical reproduction is going to become obsolete? Well, it already has for the wealthy who are using Indian surrogates for their baby making. Yes, your article has the elitist tang of the 1 percent. Similar morality was practiced by the Roman elite before the collapse of their empire. Unfortunately, your concept is hardly advanced - at all.