Friday, October 07, 2005

Self is an outdated concept

With the advent of AI, self will be a redundant term. The self will be many, an "individual" will be a large entity with many parts. The current emphasis on collaboration is already shifting the role of the self.

Even now self is an egotistical relic that is increasingly unnecessary. Memes are what is important. Self is only important in that better memes come from some selves, and that some selves are more focused on memes than other topics. Right now there is still a role for ideas developed by selves, in the future maybe only ideas synthesized by groups are of chief import.

Importance of execution slips

The historical trend up until even a few years ago and amplified by the first Internet boom, was that for any great idea, it was likely that many people independently came up with it, one example: the Internet could be used to collect large groups of business buyers for volume discounts. Since ideas were known, 90% of the game was execution.

Now, ideas are proliferating at more levels and the idea is what is more important, the idea is the innovation, good ideas are the bottleneck. Execution has become easier and more streamlined and is still a sometimes difficult real world problem but the higher order value is on ideas. The value of ideas as standalones is increasingly seen now, the non-implementing idea progenitor is not penalized as in the past.