Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Physical entities must move to digital worlds

Should physical world entities such as each individual, company, club, interest group, celebrity, band, etc. have a digital environment presence?

One fear is a garish re-creation of the physical world in the same or maybe a worse form in the digital environment. Hm, wait, isn't this most of what Second Life is currently? The metaverse must include mainstream non-techy culture in order to ramp. The Internet 1.0 evolved slowly from deep tech to technorati to tech savvy to mainstream. With Internet 2.0, the gap will shrink rapidly, some corporates like Wells Fargo already have a 'metaverse' presence in Second Life and authors have included an online reading and signing event on their book tours.

Although it would be interesting to see how digital environments would evolve on their own with growing groups of the tech savvy signing in, moving the mass market to the digital environment with haste will probably create a more interesting digital world more quickly. There will always be plenty of digital environment pockets for deep tech to ideate and instantiate. For example, Second Life could be the mainstream platform while deep tech moves to other metaverse worlds with radically different parameters.

As mentioned in the previous post, each physical world entity should be considering and creating its expanded-functionality digital environment presence. More interestingly, we should also be thinking about new digital world presences. For example, a book could have a digital environment presence, initially mediated by the author and readers. An idea could have a presence.