Saturday, September 17, 2005

Scale shift needed to understand physics

Even a cursory consideration of any sort of astronomical phenomenon immediately makes it clear that the scale of human life and the cosmos are completely different. The astronomical scale is dramatically more expansive, huge, some examples and comparisons are that winds from planetary nebulae can be 2,000-4,000 km/second vs. a bullet which travels at 1 km/second. The sun is many times larger than the earth but it is far more common to have suns that are significantly larger than our sun.

Not just the size or scale but the dramatic dynamism, for example, red dwarfs can lose weight at the rate of 600 trillion tons/second, suggests at phenomenon of which we have no understanding. The power and dynamism is extraordinary.

The astronomical scale is dramatically larger and probably exponential. (Is it just the large range of a scale that makes it logarithmic/exponential?)

The vastness of the astronomical scale suggests that the human scale, human experience and probably human thinking are too small and limited. How can we possibly discover the next laws of physics when we are thinking linearly and not exponentially?

Thinking must be at a larger scale and probably logarithmic or exponential. How can we adapt our thinking in this way? A. Naturally/forced thinking B. Via computer as external thinking enhancement, modeling/simulation tool C. Gene mod