Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Evolving Gender Roles

Women are notoriously absent from nearly all aspects of public life: politics, business, technology and the press but blogs may provide a flexible creative don't-have-to-be-an-expert structure that could be a powerful medium for female expression and provide innovative new viewpoints.

At the Accelerating Change technology conference, I encountered many men who had written or were about to write books, and no women, even when they often had better and at minimum different memes, that were interested in writing a book, whereas they do blog. And women's sparse quality presence on IT Conversations is also remarkably noticeable and a dichotomy with all of the different insights women have and new ways they are involved in using and experiencing technology.

Evolving gender roles for both sexes allows greater ideation. As city densities continue to increase and women must work as an economic imperative and increasingly by realizing the intellectual benefits of working on non-family related projects or jobs, their voices will shape whatever medium they are in. Men are experiencing evolving gender roles as the creative class norm is away from early or in many cases any family development which leaves both men and women with much more time and acceptability to ideate and create.