Sunday, June 15, 2014

Over 70 Google Glass Apps Available

As of June 2014, there were just over 70 Glass Apps available in a wide range of areas (Table 1). Some of the current applications for Glass include picture-taking, video, maps, directions, search, and hangouts; also points-of-interest ‘near me’ like parking, hotels, and restaurants, gestures, notifications, news, cooking (SousChef for Glass), and sports (scores and also augmented reality apps that overlay information to live events like baseball pitch speed and player statistics).

As one sign of the times, the first market ticker app for Glass is bitcoin quotes not stock market data. So far there are 13 gaming apps for Glass, including Ping (an analog to Pong, one of the first video games ever developed), MineSweeper, Space Invaders, Blackjack, Spelling, augmented reality gaming, and others.

Table 1. Google Glass App Categories (crosslisted) (Source). 

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