Saturday, June 10, 2006

Continuous menstrual suppression advancing to mainstream

There has been a spate of recent press (Washington Post, NPR and the Seattle Times; ongoing coverage at No Period) featuring medical corroboration of the benefits of continuous contraception (discussed here in February, 2006).

The thought is shifting, as with concepts like immortality and anti-aging, away from accepting the formerly natural order and toward the application of knowledge and technology in normal, Darwinistic ways to enhance and extend our lives, productivity and intelligence.

The bottom line - having periods throughout one's long life (relative to historical hunter-gatherer days) is unhealthy, leaching chemicals away from the body and resulting in higher instances of cancer due to uneven hormonal levels. Continuous menstrual suppression means that progestin and estrogen stay at the same level during the month which not only reduces the instance of uterine and ovarian cancer, but also has tremendous emotional benefit in eradicating mood swings and other annoying aspects of menstruation. Fertility is also not a concern, it generally returns within two months of contraception cessation as with traditional contraceptive use.

The groundswell of support and affirmed participants (particularly female physicians and college-aged women) is making menstrual suppression the norm, now how fast can we move forward with ectogenesis?