Sunday, January 29, 2006

Finally, the impending demise of traditional media companies!

Apple and Google's video distribution deals for television content are FAR MORE REVOLUTIONARY than is currently contemplated. The market wants on-demand device-portable video content and there is no reason to pay $40-60+ per month for cable or satellite's non-portable mediocrity.

Current price points of $1.99 per episode easily accommodate regular monthly viewing of 8 programs for $40, less than a satellite TV subscription. On-demand TV program video purchases from iTunes or Google Video can be supplemented with Netflix for recent movie releases and prior season television episodes. News and weather are more expediently obtained on the Internet. With two thirds of US broadband homes being DSL subscribers, there is little to hold them back from cutting the cable!

The current possibilities are wonderful but the future ones may be even better as Apple, Google and other entrants start adding additional audio, video and other content created by traditional entertainment companies, new media and prosumers/individuals. Even right now there is a smorgasbord of TV, music video, short film, video blog, music, podcast and audio book content available. The next level of personalized on-demand information and entertainment will include much more diverse content pulling from meetings, conferences, lectures and classrooms, and also, personal life recorders. No more need to take notes in any situation. The DVR should remind of subscribed to events, like LongNow seminars, Xerox Parc talks or Future Salons, giving the option for live participation and automatic recording.