Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Meme self-propagation improves with MySpace

Those memes are getting better and better at spreading themselves! Quicker than the posts and reference comments circling the blogosphere (already an exponential improvement over traditional media) is the instant distribution offered by the large and liquid communities on teen and twenties identity portal MySpace.

MySpace is a website where users can create pages with blogs, photos and other creative endeavors and interact with others. Site designers have also successfully positioned and promoted MySpace as a music distribution site for small bands. The site is home to many mainstream and longtail communities, including 90,000 Orange County (TV show) fans and 23,000 Bobby Pacquiao (super-featherweight boxer) fans. Another benefit of MySpace, and a property of all user-created content sites, is going global instantaneously, Friedman's Flat World in action.

What will the next level of meme spreading tools be like? What should we (humans) create next? (While we still can!) How long will we be able to perceive meme-spreading platforms and be necessary participants as the transmission substrate?