Sunday, January 09, 2005

How to contribute to tech world

The science world is changing faster than ever now and will continue to speed up. One action for an individual to do is to try to keep up by learning about the technologies, innovation, changes, trends, current solutions and future problems in key areas like semiconductors, biotech, nanotech, physics and cosmology. Given the possible constraints of a non-science educational background, a generalist/macro not micro skillset and purview (e.g.; non-technical background, competence and interest) what are the obvious, useful and meaningful ways for an individual to participate in the massively evolving technology future?

Any role with a macro (e.g.; multi-topic) purview required is an interesting possibility. One category of roles is the popularizers, educators, explainers and evangelists/cheerleaders. Writers, synthesizers, presenters and thought-leaders with agendas are another category of roles, somehow a little more active, adding their views/vision to the explication role. Both of these categories involve other people as the consumer/observer of the content.

What are higher level categories that are more creative and content/info-generating, thereby potentially more worthwhile to certain value systems? Other forms of writing/creation: considering the implications of the technologies (though still may be heavily people/society-related), making a list of detailed predictions, adjusting life in expectation of the arrival of the technologies, drawing or other graphical abstraction of the technology or the implications of the technology. Inventing a new use or a new technology, like text-to-speech files for the iPod, is actively creating and participating. These days its easy to make or get a new technology idea made. Think about what you'd like to fix in your life and what are potential solutions. Keep a list of daily invention ideas.

Higher-level active writing, invention, ....more to come....