Sunday, May 06, 2007

Optimum size for intelligence

What is the optimum size for intelligence? Human intelligence is currently packaged in individuals but this need not persist in an upload world.

Even now we are already seeing the emergence of collective intelligence mechanisms such as prediction markets, wikis, extended collaborative teams, simulations and the Internet especially the meta data level and the linkage and interaction through tags, profiles, social networks, recommendations and blogs.

Applications for intelligence can explode in the digital medium with essentially unlimited mind file copy, backup and merge capability.

In some cases, less intelligence may be useful, permissioning out segregated resources for low level activities. Currently, humans only have primitive processing resource allocation choices and must generally devote, despite not engaging, their full intelligence to any activity irrespective of mundanity.

In the more obvious case, larger intelligence may be better for a disparate range of applications from pure compute power to emotional experience. Three cases are considered:

a) Large intelligence: collected capability of individuals
The general use of larger intelligence could be for an individual mind file to conduct more projects requiring cognitive capability. The activities could be for advancement, amusement or in satisfaction of any variety of goals. Merging and orchestrating diverse capable resources is non-trivial especially since mind files will likely have vestiges of ego, status-seeking behavior, narrowband communication and other EEA characteristics however coordination would likely occur via self-organizing mechanisms.

b) Large intelligence: collected raw compute power of individuals
Individuals may choose to copy and permission out raw compute resources to projects of interest but not capability in an essentially improved partial implementation of government and directed capital. Coordination is important but it is possible that architecture (e.g.; distributed or concentrated) does not matter until reaching the logical extremes of resource limitations and information processing superobjects such as Jupiter brains and Matrioshka brains.

c) Large intelligence: collected sensory experience of individuals
Emotional experience, to the degree occurring in the digital medium, could be enhanced with merged intelligence both by amplifying sensory input and providing a multiplicity of experience.