Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pace of Encephalization

Humans have so much in their brains and so little shared outside. This has to change for true intelligence and species advancement and there is a great opportunity in developing tools to facilitate this.

1) Communication and interaction are currently limited by the mindset of the individual

Human interaction is fragile and conditions have to arrive at some optimum before meaningful communication can take place. A physical presence is generally though increasingly less required. Certain mixes of other people must be there or not be there and trust which generally must be developed over time must be present.

Only the few people in close proximity circles to others [may] have some level of understanding of what is in human minds. Peers, those that share similar ideas and values, may have a deeper but still sparse knowledge.

2) Communication and interaction are currently limited by language as the dominant tool

Communication is necessarily governed by the narrowband of language. Language was certainly an amazing evolutionary advance when it arose but it is time for new communication tools. Language is essentially a few pithy comments trickling out of multi-dimensional plane of existence or thinking on a topic. Other options to language that would allow the permissioned knowing of value systems, beliefs and history would contribute to enriched communications. Mechanisms for sharing clusters of thought rather than individual ideas would also be a start.

Two types of additional tools are needed: more tools for creating and sharing content and better tools for making the content meaningful. Content has proliferated but step function increases are coming. Humans will be creating and sharing more and more personal content (ideas, creative endeavors, personal life details, how-tos, resources, etc.) on the Internet via blogs, video blogs, tumblelogs, lifeblogging, interactive lifecasting, twittering, FaceBook, LinkedIn and other new methods. Aggregation, summarization and abstraction tools (like meta tag clouds and jaiku-style diverse feed aggregation) will be increasingly important to mark content relevancy and make it findable and interactable.

Just like businesses are wikinomically learning that they should not have boundaries at the edge of their properties, employees and ideas, individuals will hopefully start to realize the great benefits of extending their personal content boundaries.