Sunday, April 29, 2007

Capitalist or Socialist Upload Scenario?

There are at least two scenarios for how mass uploading could occur, the Capitalist model and the Socialist model.

1. Capitalist Model (Evolutionary)
In the Capitalist model, uploaders would choose from a selection of storage, processing and security packages. Offerings would be presented with marketing aplomb, perhaps featuring modules analogous to the Gandhi [minimalist], the Toyota [adequate, fully functional] and the Cadillac [premium]. The capitalist model is a Darwinist or evolutionary approach.

2. Socialist Model (Developmental)
In the Socialist model, all storage, processing and security upload packages would be the same, perhaps directed by some sort of quasi or overtly governmental or private advocacy body. Each uploader would receive the same storage, processing and security resource module.

At first blush, the Capitalist model seems most likely; it is a logical extension of how economics and marketplaces function in the current world. However, the key issue is the hyper-evolution capability that is assumed to occur in the digital substrate. Perhaps uploads should at least be equalized at the beginning such that all those who upload have the same chance of becoming a super-intelligence.

However, trying to equalize uploads (such as via a handicapping system) or the resources available to them at the offset is both unlikely to occur, and more importantly, unlikely to make a difference. The magnitude of digital evolutionary changes makes the starting point irrelevant, both in terms of capability and processing power.

The real question is what processing power will become available to digital intelligences post-upload or post-creation and the resulting evolution and goals which may become at odds with those of biological humanity. It is not reasonable to assume that external control can be imposed for long.