Thursday, April 05, 2007

My house is an AI

Smart homes sound great but what about the next step, what will it be like when dwellings are artificial intelligences (AIs)?

At first, tools that know people better than they know themselves including predicting behavior and speech may be disconcerting and even creepy and people might not want to live in a dwelling that is an AI. However after getting used to it, presumably there will be many benefits, including continuous health monitoring, companionship, critical feedback and transfer of menial tasks. The AI would be residence based with mobile accompaniment.

Residents will likely be able to select a personality interface for their AI, or even multiple personality interfaces. The critical feedback personal AI would be a nice complement to the socially groomed empathy received from friends and family. Deception and excuses would be nearly impossible "I felt sick all day" might elicit a response like "No, your body status and health levels were fine but you watched ShowStash content for 7 hours." A friendly diplomatic upbeat personality interface would be a good default for the 'inner critic' team member, rather than a HAL-like interface.

A genial AI interface, "the buddy," would be another logical member of one's AI personality suite. This personality could provide companionship and monitoring for everyone, particularly higher needs-based individuals like seniors and children. Some might worry that a personal AI could become a more fulfilling emotional companion than a human partner but most technologies mean more not less, and more ways an individual could be emotionally fulfilled would be a good thing.

New industries could spring up, for example AI personality interface design and human-AI interaction psychology, including a new kind of dysfunctional home relationship.

Residence AIs would be autonomous entities licensed by local municipalities. A person would negotiate rent and other aspects directly with the AI. The AI would have purchasing authority and run the household, essentially acting as a more resource appropriate implementation of the concept of wife.