Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unified health data climate

The future of health management and biosecurity is having always-on access to the health data climate of individuals, families, communities, and countries. A whole new era of health awareness and self-management could be possible. Ideally, health data streams would be automatically captured and parsed into a comprehensive tableau of status monitoring and action-taking.

Key health data streams (Figure 1):

  1. Genome - whole human genome sequence, abnormal tissue sequences (cancer, etc.)
  2. Phenotype - current status of a wide range of biophysical markers including blood-based organ-secreted proteins prognosticating disease, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and emotional state
  3. Diseasome - catalog of cumulative immune system exposures and predicted response to toxins
  4. Microbiome - microflora bacteria profile (gut, genital, skin, oral, etc.)
  5. Environmentome - external environment measures including air and water quality, pollen/allergens count

Figure 1: Key health data streams.

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