Sunday, May 02, 2010

The preference economy

There is now the new era of a multicurrency society. Numerous non-monetary currencies are coveted, amassed and exchanged including reputation, social graph, time, ideas, intention, attention, affinity, preference, health, and resource access.

The internet is already doing a good job of serving as a clearing exchange and means of valuation for the currencies of reputation, social graph, intention, and attention.

The next generation of economy 3.0 startups is building even more dimensionality into the multicurrency society.

Blippy broadcasts purchasing activity and serves as a leading indicator for public company quarterly sales; a real-time economy feed.
Hunch goes a step further with the grand vision of mapping and predicting the affinity of all people for all objects.
For example, what is any individual’s preference for Nike, TikTok, Slaughterhouse-Five, Ulan Bator, existentialism, or any other noun, brand, product, item, object or idea. Social feed “likes” are already being mined for preference, affinity, and revenue.

Value, preference, and affinity could become an expected attribute of any product, brand, website, and experience just like social networking is and gaming principles are starting to be. These seemingly unobtrusive currencies could stream nicely into exchange via automatic markets.

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