Sunday, September 13, 2009

VC guide to anti-aging biotechnology investing

Several promising startup companies focused on the nascent but obviously significant and growing anti-aging biotechnology space were present or discussed with interest at the recent SENS4 (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) conference in Cambridge, U.K., September 3rd – 7th, 2009 (program) (full conference report).

  1. Epeius Biotechnologies, San Marino, CA, USA: Rexin-G, a tumor-targeted injectable gene delivery system
  2. FoldRx, Cambridge, MA, USA: small molecule therapeutics to treat protein misfolding diseases, and bind and clear undesired molecules
  3. Gencia Corporation, Charlottesville, VA, USA: mitochondrial DNA rejuvenation using the rhTFAM (recombinant-human mitochondrial transcription factor A) protein
  4. Genscient, Fountain Valley, CA, USA: novel chronic disease therapeutics by combining genomics and selective screening (a large Alzheimer’s Disease genetic study is in progress with Kronos and TGen)
  5. Knome, Cambridge, MA, USA: whole human genome sequencing (consumer offering)
  6. Neotropix, Malvern, PA, USA: oncolytic viruses for the treatment of solid tumors
  7. Pentraxin Therapeutics Ltd, London, UK: small molecule drug CPHPC specifically targeting SAP (serum form of amyloid P) and removing it from the blood and brains of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
  8. Repeat Diagnostics, Vancouver, BC, Canada: telomere length measurement for total lymphocyte and granulocyte populations (consumer offering)
  9. Retrotope, Los Altos Hills, CA, USA: using isotope effect to slow down damage pathways and control metabolic processes associated with oxidative stress
  10. StemCor Systems, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, USA: bone marrow harvesting system
  11. T.A. Sciences, New York, NY, USA: telomerase activation via the single molecule TA-65, licensed from Geron Corporation (consumer offering)
  12. TriStem Corporation, London, UK: retrodifferentiation technology to create stem cells from mature adult cells

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