Sunday, May 26, 2013

AAAI 2014: Connecting Machine Learning and Human Intelligence

The AAAI Spring Symposia are a place for worldwide artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other computer scientists to present and discuss innovative theoretical research in a workshop-like environment. In 2013, some of the topics included: learning, autonomous systems, wellness, crowd computing, behavior change, and creativity.

Proposals are underway for 2014. Please indicate your opinion by voting at the poll at the top right for these potential topics:
  • My data identity: personal, social, universal 
  • Big data becomes personal: knowledge into meaning 
  • Wearable computing and digital affect: wellness, bioidentity, and intentionality 
  • Big data, wearable computing, and identity construction: knowledge becomes meaning 
  • Personalized knowledge generation: identity, intentionality, action, and wellness

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