Sunday, June 03, 2012

Towards a fourth person perspective

Are the currently known perspectives, first, second, and third person, the only possible perspectives? With modern technology, it might be possible to construct a fourth person perspective, or even a fifth and sixth, that offers a new view on ourselves and different interaction possibilities with the world. One obvious means of this could be the concept of Siri 2.0, a mental performance optimization platform that reduces bias, serves as a personal virtual coach, and buffers communication.

Grounds for, and a potential understanding of a fourth person perspective may be found in philosophy. Philosophers such as Charles Pierce, Habermas, Levinas, Roarty, George Mead, and Stephen Darwall have helped to characterize salient aspects of the first, second, and third person perspectives, and this work could be examined, and extended to a fourth person perspective. Some of the most helpful elements that a fourth person perspective could afford are a different means of introspection and performative action-taking.

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