Sunday, March 18, 2012

The human-readable face of big data: real-time ambiency

A new group of tools are putting a human readable face on big data, providing an on-demand real-time graphical frontend to querying and visualizing high-volume multi-dimension datasets. An obvious next step could be the continuous streaming of ambient information pushed automatically per inferred interest profiles to wall-based HDMI smartscreens...

Some interesting Websites and Tools:

  • Next-gen infovis:, FlowingData, Many Eyes, and Mondrian are some examples, more are listed at WikiViz for exploring and creating next-generation datavis infographics
  • Social network mapping and analysis: Gephi (slideshare presentation)
  • Interactive simulation: A tool for converting data into interactive visualizations is D3 - adaptable code swatches that can be inserted into html webpages to render real-time visualizations; a javascript library that supports SVG. Example: choropleth maps (e.g.; red/blue election results shading by county)
  • Graphing: Neo4 j, a graph database for big data (NOSQL) that accommodates RDF triple stores and sparkle (advanced subject, predicate, object graphing)
  • Mapping: Kartograph, TileMill, Polymaps, Cost of Living for multi-layer annotated data over street-mapping or other geographical data

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